About this Item: Geological Society of India, 2011. Pbk. Contents Management of Resources 1 Water crisis and its management in Bengaluru Bangalore An OverviewSV Srikantia 2 Bangalore boom will be its doom ? without timely attention to water conservationMN Thippeswamy 3 Water Availabillity crisis Nature causes and some long term solutionsKMd Najeeb 4 Water resources in Bangalore and Bengaluru ? glimpses from the past to the presentVS Prakash 5 Urban water supply and management A Case study of Bangalore City IndiaMS Mohan Kumar Usha Manmohar Celia D D?Souza Priyanka Jamwal and M Sekhar Groundwater Resources 6 Hydrogeological mapping of Bangalore CityTM Hunse MA Farooqi and HP Jayaprakash 7 Status of ground water management in BangaloreD Srikanta Murthy Remote sensing and geographic information system in Hydrogeological mapping of Bangalore cityV Shreedhara and MH Balakrishnaiah 9 Ground water crisis in Urban Areas ? A Case study in Bangalore cityKV Raju S Manasi and N Latha 10 Pollution of Surface and ground water in Jigani Industrial Area BangaloreH Lakshmikantha and S Harinath Conservation and Conjunctive use of Surfacewater and Groundwater 11 Long Term changes in Rainfall distribution in Bangalore cityA Muthuchami 12 Rainwater Harvesting and water conservation measures in Bangalore cityKR Sooryanarayana 13 Study of Drainages water bodies and groundwater around Bangalore along with water auditing and budgeting using remote sensing and GISTJ Renuka Prasad 14 Multi faceted problems and issues of wetlands conservation in Bangalore UrbanN Nandini YN Yellappa Reddy and Aboud s Jumbe 15 Roof Tope Rainwater harvesting to supplement Fresh Water supply in greater Bangalore CityCS Ramasesha Water Security ? Remedial Measures 16 Water Security for Bengaluru need to manage holisticallyS Vishwanath 17 Ground water legislation in Bangalore City ? issues and policyMA Farooqi and SN Ramaiah 18 Ground water legislation in Vangalore ? Relevance of National and international experiences 302 pp.

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